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Your music can set the tone for any gathering or a relaxing night in.  Listen to your favorite tracks in just one room or play it throughout your entire home. G-Tech Automation can design the solution that best fits your space. In-wall, In-ceiling, or invisible, your music should be heard and not seen…Unless you want it to be.


Looking for that dedicated media room to host the big game, or maybe something that compliments the space in your living room. Our solutions incorporate the latest technology to provide an immersive viewing experience.

Centrally locate media sources and distribute to multiple TV’s or watch all sources on one screen. We’ll make sure every seat is the best in the house, and there’s only 1 remote to control your system.

Window  Treatments

Automated shades protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage while decreasing your utility bills, but they should also compliment the design of the home as well. Choose from hundreds of designer fabrics and openness factors. Our shades can raise and lower with the rise and set of the sun or be programmed to deploy on a customized schedule to fit your lifestyle. Whether it’s a black out zero light gap solution or an outdoor shade for your patio, you’ll never hear them but you will see the difference.

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